Tiny Plays About Disability

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With our most recent project has been, Tiny Plays From Quarantine, which was a direct response to COVID-19 and the quarantine that occurred in Spring of 2020, we have decided to start a new tiny play collection that we feel is pertinent for the world to hear right now. Tiny Plays About Disability will be a tiny play collection that will feature artists from any background, as long as they have some form of disability. In these tiny plays, we are asking writers to address their own disabilities in some way, shape, or form, leaving a majority of the artistic freedom to the writer. In direct response to social justice movements sparked all around the world since COVID-19, Tiny Plays About Disability will offer an inside look at the many different forms of disability, while also educating the greater public on what it means to be disabled. With our Artistic Director, Mac Scheldt, being a part of the disabled community, this project is very important to Little Red as the world re-evaluates its own biases and prejudices on a societal level. Little Red can't wait to read your tiny plays, so get thinking and get writing!

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