Here you can watch the "Tiny Plays From Quarantine" series where we read all 25 tiny plays, one day at a time.

1. A reading of "The Phone Call" By Mia Y. Anderson

2. A reading of "I Should Have Saved the Kiss for The End" By Gretchen Nelson

3. A reading of "EDM Lovers" By Mel Najarro

4. A reading of "The One Up" By Thomas J. Misuraca

5. A reading of "Authenticity" By Tom Coash

6. A reading of "They Sit in Silence" By Livy Oftedahl

7. A reading of "Constellations" By Madeline Weber

8. A reading of "The Power Of Words" By Anna Sibley

9. A reading of "Every Decapitation Serves a Purpose" By Lee R. Lawing

10. A reading of "Celestial Bodies" By Brooke Smith

11. A reading of "Always Prep Your Arguments" By Sara Heckadon

12. A reading of "Book Covers" By Pete Mergel

13. A reading of "The 'Intervention'" By Elaine Brousseau

14. A reading of "What Is Love?" By Robert Thomas Noll

15. A reading of "The Lake" By Samantha Scheldt

16. A reading of "You Can Like Who(ever)?!" By Amber Frederick

17. A reading of "What's The Question" By Allan Bates

18. A reading of "Tepid" By Molly Wagner

19. A reading of "In My View" By Ed Friedman

20. A Reading of "Love In The Time of Corona" By Raven Petretti

21. A Reading of "Helpline" By Aisling O'Mahony

22. A Reading of "Splish Splash" By Charles Leripart

23. A Reading of "Taking Care of Freedom" By Graham Friel

24. A Reading of "Taking Care of Freedom" By Graham Friel

25. A Reading of "Little Summers" By Cris Eli Blak

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