Tiny Plays From Quarantine

Curated by Katelyn McLane & Mac Scheldt

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In response to the cancellation of the Minnesota Fringe Festival 2020, Little Red Theatre Company put a call out to playwrights around the world to write a tiny play, under 600 words, about life before COVID-19.

"Tiny Plays From Quarantine" was a way for people to channel their creative energy toward something that is not only productive but extremely therapeutic and supportive of the theatre community. Here is an inside look of "Tiny Plays From Quarantine" from just some of the playwrights in the collection. In total, the collection features 25 playwrights from around the world and will be published on Sunday, April 14th.

"Tiny Plays From Quarantine" Curated by Katelyn McLane & Mackenzie Scheldt

The Phone Call by Mia Y. Anderson

What’s The Question? by Allan Bates

Little Summers by Cris Eli Blak

The “Intervention” by Elaine Brousseau

Authenticity by Tom Coash

You Can Like Who(ever)?! by Amber Fredrick

In My View by Ed Friedman

Taking Care of Freedom by Graham Friel

Always Prep Your Arguments by Sara Heckadon

Every Decapitation Serves a Purpose by Lee R. Lawing

Splish Splash by Charles Leipart

Nourishing Marion by Rex McGregor

Book Covers by Pete Mergel

The One Up by Thomas J. Misuraca

EDM Lovers by Mel Najarro

I Should Have Probably Saved The Kiss For The End by Gretchen Nelson

What is Love? by Robert Thomas Noll

They Sit In Silence by Livy Oftedahl

Helpline by Aisling O’Mahony

Love In The Time of Corona by Raven Petretti

The Lake by Samantha Scheldt

The Power Of Words by Anna Sibley

Celestial Bodies by Brooke Smith

Tepid by Molly Wagner

Constellations by Madeline Weber

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Below is the original call-out for Tiny Plays From Quarantine.

The Tiny Plays From Quarantine map displays the places we received tiny play submissions from.

More on Tiny Plays From Quarantine:

The goal of Tiny Plays From Quarantine is to spread positivity in this time of uncertainty for artists and everyone alike. We are asking people to write tiny plays about anything they want, as long as it isn’t completely surrounded around COVID 19 and being stuck in quarantine. It’d be easy to say 'go ahead write about your frustrations with quarantine', but that would just spread more hate and bitterness, instead, we are trying to get people to remember that at some point there will be a semblance of normalcy, so why don’t we focus on the positive things. I think what we miss in quarantine: hugging our friends, surprising them with coffee, holding hands with your partner, or even just talking face to face with a loved one is beautiful. Quarantine allows us to think of those beautiful little things that we used to take for granted, and want them more than ever. By documenting the little things we miss, maybe we won’t take that for granted ever again. Tiny Plays From Quarantine is a way for people to channel their creative energy toward something that is not only productive but extremely therapeutic and supportive of the theatre community. But it also supports artists by giving them a platform to share their craft, when most everyone is out of work due to COVID 19, let alone artistic work. One of the core principles of Little Red is that we bring new voices to light, so tiny plays is a wonderful way to create a fresh and new platform for new and established voices. We here at Little Red want to support you, but we can't do that without your submissions! Get writing:)

All the best,

Mac Scheldt

Little Red Founder and Artistic Director