Meet The Company

Mac Scheldt

Artistic Director

Katelyn McLane

Creative Director

Hello:) My name Mac Scheldt and I'm nearly done with my Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance Creation with a minor in Mandarin Chinese at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities! I'm passionate about creating work that challenges societal expectations of gender, body, and women. My latest play, Those of Us, is premiering Summer 2021 at the Minnesota Fringe Festival. As Little Red's Artistic Director, my vision for the company is to only create, curate, and produce original new work. I think it's about time that the global theatre community began putting an emphasis on the creation and production of new work, especially written by BIPOC and women. The future is now!

I am Katelyn McLane, Creative Director of Little Red Theatre Company. I am from Dallas, Texas, and will graduate from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts - Performance Creation in spring of 2021. To me, theatre is about sharing. It’s about empathy. That’s why I am passionate about bringing new and inspiring work to the world through Little Red Theatre Company. Not only should our art be original and exciting, but it should highlight issues and people and places that society chooses to ignore. As a queer biracial woman of color, I am committed to amplifying the stories of marginalized identities and communities through my art.

Amber Frederick

Cole Seager

“Hi! My name’s Amber Frederick and I am driven by theatre. With a drive to create work that is accessible and transformative, I am confident art can change our world. I am currently a Junior at the University of Minnesota, looking to graduate with my B.A in Theatre Arts spring ‘22. As a part of Little Red, I hope to continue to craft and shape new works from the inside out that inspire. I believe theatre gives voice to everyone and I look forward to working along side those “everyone’s” through this company!”

Hello hello, my name is Cole Seager (he/him) and I'm an actor-writer-artist-filmmaker-person currently studying Theatre Arts at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Art, in all its wild and wonderful forms, has always meant a lot to me, and as I grow older I love that I keep finding new and meaningful ways to engage with and create it. I think Little Red is a great opportunity for us, the company members, to get more art into the world by lifting up a variety of new and exciting voices alongside our own! I am humbled and appreciative that my voice is among so many talented artists.

Waverly McCollum

Hi! I am Waverly McCollum, I am double majoring in theatre and elementary education. I most recently worked on Mac Scheldt’s Like You last semester and learned a ton! This semester I am thrilled to be working on Caryl Churchill’s Skriker, directed by Lisa Chandler, with UMTAD. I am so excited to be a part of Little Red because I believe It will be a massive learning experience. I am passionate about bringing what I learn in theatre to my everyday life & eventually implementing that into my classroom.

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