About Us

Little Red Theatre Company began two years ago with Like You, a new play, written and directed by Mac Scheldt. Like You completely sold out for all shows at the University of Minnesota in April 2019. Co-directors of Little Red, Mac Scheldt, and Katlyn McLane, since worked to bring new queer works to the Minneapolis theatre community and beyond. As two queer theatre-makers, these pair have already begun to create a space for new voices in theatre since the company's debut in 2019.


 In spring 2020, the company reacted quickly to the 2020 Minnesota Fringe Festival cancellation and placed a call out to all theatre artists for tiny plays (plays under 600 words) that are in and around life before COVID-19. Bringing positivity and a creative outlet to the global theatre community, Little Red received well over 100 submissions from 20 states, the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia. The collection of 25 tiny plays titled Tiny Plays From Quarantine was exclusively published on our website, directly following a virtual reading festival in July 2020. Most recently, Tiny Plays From Quarantine was virtually produced by Wellesley College's Upstage in December 2020. 

Looking forward, the co-directors of Little Red Theatre Company are preparing for the Minnesota Fringe Festival in Summer 2021, where they will co-write and co-direct a new play from a queer perspective.


Mac Scheldt


My name Mac Scheldt and I am the Artistic Director of Little Red. I am a playwright, director, and actor living in Minneapolis, Minnesota and I'm graduating in Spring 2021 with a B.A. in Theatre Performance Creation.

As a non-binary lesbian theatre-maker, I'm passionate about creating work that challenges the gender binary, heteronormative culture, and contemporary playwriting as we know it. 

I have written Like YouThose of Us, and Rootbound, since founding Little Red, as well as several tiny plays. I'm currently working on a new play, It's Not What You Think, a monologue play that sheds light on the "most painful" mental health condition, borderline personality disorder. I also will be co-writing and co-directing a play with Katelyn for this Summer's Minnesota Fringe Festival 2021.


Katelyn McLane


I am Katelyn McLane, Creative Director of Little Red Theatre Company. I am from Dallas, Texas, and will graduate from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts - Performance Creation this fall 2020.


To me, theatre is about sharing. It’s about empathy. That’s why I am passionate about bringing new and inspiring work to the world through Little Red Theatre Company. Not only should our art be original and exciting, but it should highlight issues and people, and places that society chooses to ignore.


As a queer biracial woman of color, I am committed to amplifying the stories of marginalized identities and communities through my art.